The Bye-Week (Honalulu) Blues

It’s Sunday and I don’t have a loss to complain about. I guess that’s a good thing, right?

I’m pretty stoked for the Eagles – Bears Sun Night game, I bet that’s going to be a sweet one.

There is very little to take from the actions of the Lions this week, firing Millen was a step in the right direction, but at this point in the season, it’s primarily ceremonial. Will they run out and get a guy like Flyod Reese? Who knows. I fear them conducting a search, god knows what they’ll turn up. (*Note to Lions* – Please don’t hire another broadcaster with ZERO experience to run your team, Thanks! ~

Fortunately for whomever they hire, the bar is awful low. You get to .500 and you’ll get a blue and silver parade down Woodward. The very undesirable thing about the job is that the cap is a mess and you’re currently married to a great many practice squad quality players that are on the full roster. There needs to be some serious house cleaning, both player and personnel, especially the scouts. Get rid of those crappy scouts.

So as fans, we have to be willing to turn the page too. I’m not saying you should waste your money on tickets or jerseys. Let them earn that, let them earn us back by making some serious changes and putting the right people in the right positions. Let the new GM give us real hope, not another empty Millen preseason hype machine about explosive offense one year and pounding the rock to control possession the next year. Give us a GM that has a vision and sticks to it, a man that will hire a coach that will talk the talk AND actually walk the walk.

Fellow fans, at the very least, give them this : they are trying.

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