Toodles Mr. Millen. Seriously, Don't Let The Door Hit You...


Matt Millen’s highly criticized and unproductive tenure with the Lions has ended.

Lions owner and chairman William Clay Ford announced around 3:30 p.m. that Millen has been relieved of his duties as president and CEO, which he held since January 2001.

Executive vice president and COO Tom Lewand will now report directly to Ford on all business, organizational and NFL matters. Martin Mayhew will assume the role of general manager and report to Ford on football matters. Additionally, Cedric Saunders was named the vice president of football operations.

“I have relieved Matt Millen of his duties effective immediately,” Ford said in a released statement. “I believe that this decision is in the best interest of this organization. I appreciate Matt’s efforts. Matt worked tirelessly during his tenure to win, and he would be the first one to tell you that you have to win in this league. It just didn’t work out.

So there it is, in the words of the owner himself, “It just didn’t work out.” This has been a long time coming. The people have been clamoring for it, and frankly the royalty realized that the peasants are clamoring for bread and if they don’t get it, heads will start rolling.

This is a pacifier for the fans. A sacrifice or an offering really.

Millen laid it all on the line a few weeks ago when he said “I believe in this team and this coach and the talent we have” (i’m paraphrasing of course) and he laid it all out on the chopping block. And yet again the team was embarassed by someone else whom the organiztion cut ties with in a brash and poorly chosen manner.

So where does it all go from here?

To the end of the season. There is little else the organization can do. Who is going to leave their post in the third week of the season and if you found a guy that would do something like that, would you want him? So suck on your pacifier! Enjoy the rest of the season (LOLOL)! There is a lot of ball to play, a lot of games to lose and a lot of boo’s to chant. Shall Kitna be next? I defer to the Detroit Rule # 8 : QB of the Lions or Goalie of the Red Wings SUCKS ITS ALL HIS FAULT.

This was the right OBVIOUS thing to do… about 4 years ago.

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