Time to Marry It, quick and dirty this time (Frisco style!)

Everyone I know that is doing that fantasy football thing is picking up JT O’Sullivan off of waivers this week and starting him.

Let’s face it, not only do the Lions barely ever win on the road and are playing in a place they haven’t won at in like 30 years, they are facing a guy that knows them. A guy that is responsible for keeping them in those games that they lost by oh so skinny margins last year. Martz knows this team and he knows how to exploit them. If the Falcons can do it, you better believe the Niners are going to do it. The Niners Defense isn’t exactly elite in the league, so really the Lions ability to put points up will depend on preventing another 21 – 0 situation where Kitna will have to captain a one dimensional offense. Can we see some of Rudi Johnson please? At the VERY LEAST, control possession for the love of petunias.

In the end:

We are Christmas Ham and Martz is the ginsu knife, we are gonna get CARVED UP.

Niners over Lions, 35 – 20

Hope I’m wrong!

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