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Just In Case You Were Wondering, Benson and Alexander Were in Town, But They Signed Nothing

Blurb from the

A report that running back Cedric Benson was about to sign with the Lions was inaccurate.

Benson visited the Lions on Tuesday along with former NFL most valuable player Shaun Alexander and Vernand Morency. But the Lions were just looking at running backs in case they need one in the future.

The Lions often do their homework on free agents on Tuesday, the players’ off day.

So apparently (and non-sensically), the Lions are just window shopping halfbacks just in case someone gets hurt. They SHOULD be shopping for offensive linemen so they can buy Kitna 2 seconds in the pocket or holes for the backs to run through, but no. Just looking at other halfbacks that nobody wants.

Over the past 8 years, it seems that this is the place where free agents come to die, so I suppose we have some fresh meat sniffing around. Well… Fresh to US. Stale old rotten has been nothing to 31 other teams.

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