Defending John Kitna

Granted I was a little lathered up last blog, a my feathers were a bit ruffled. I’m looking forward to the NFL Replay of the Lions/Packers Game (it will be on at 8pm, if you’ve never watched it, they play all the good games of the week and they cut out all the down time, the standing around and pointless special teams plays, they cut to the good stuff and intersplice coach and player interviews, its totally top notch). You see, granted Kitna gave the game away on Sunday, but frankly, when your down 21 – 0 you tear the run play pages out of the binder. They’re done, even if you can run the ball, you’re three TD’s back so its time to start putting that ball in the air and taking some chunk yardage.

That’s the primary issue, how good of a passer can you be when the defense knows your going to pass? I mean, if I’m up 21 points in madden, I’m running the nickel or the dime every play. You wanna pound the rock? Slam it down my gullet for 5, 3, 2 and 7 yards at a time. Chew up that clock for me. (Gets me thinking we should organize a madden thing online for FSBlog readers that have Xbox Live.)

Really in retrospect, Kitna got us back in that game. It was mission impossible. Rake Ol’Johnny over the coals about the interceptions, but it’s not like the D stepped up in anyway, shape, form or fashion. He threw a pick, they gave up a 60 yard reception and laid flat on their back. As it turns out, it was impossible. Green Bay just kinda… checked out for a minute there, they let their lead slip but when they decided they needed to turn it back on, they did and whomped us soundly, so Cest La Vie.

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  • Deryl G

    This echoes the thoughts I posted on another blog.  Kitna is ~league average.  If we had that at every position we’d be a lot better team.  Kitna is not the problem.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some huge Kitna fan, but there are so many much worse players on the team that I think we can leave Kitna be for now.

  • Vince Prygoski

    Yes, I would agree that Jon Kitna is far from the only or the worst problem with the Detroit Lions. Willie Clueless Ford and Matt Millen are Problems One and Two, obviously.

    Kitna is a decent, middle of the road quarterback who would do fine with a better team. With a horrible team like the Lions, even Brett Favre or Tom Brady would look horrible.

  • Deryl G

    I keep thinking that if the Vikings had Kitna, they could be pretty good team.

  • Kevin F

    League Average would yield 8 – 8.
    The best season in the Millen era is 7 – 9.
    No one will ever be allowed to fail on the level that Matt Millen has failed. Not in any sport or league, EVER.