Could You Really Have Expected Anything Else?

What’s this you ask? Why, it’s an Industrial strength turnover machine!

I just got it, so now we have TWO in Detroit! Totally awesome, right?

Our upgraded secondary was yet again carved apart, our “high powered” offense was shut down, we found ourselves (yet AGAIN) down 21 to 0 to start the game and Kitna was TERRIBLE.

Woodson and the Packers D had their way with us and the only rally we had involved Green Bay fudging a punt snap. But when they were up by one measley point, did you really think they were going to take it?

I don’t like that they are characterizing this game as “failing to put the nail in the coffin”. You see, you can say that if you lost a game by one score, you know, 3-8 points. Not 20+ points. That’s what you call “Getting taken to the shed”.

I think this year will be special though… this may be the earliest that we’ll start the obligatory 3rd year QB/ losing record so you better start the other guy controversy. It’s about that time, we haven’t done this dance sinces the Harrington/Garcia thing the year they stupidly/needlessly/wrecklessly fired Mooch. So do you want to do it or should I? We’ll all call into Valenti and Foster and get the ball rolling!

Hey, we’re BORED. It’s not like we have a season of Lions football to be interested in.

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