It's Saturday, Time To Marry It!

The Wacky Pack is coming to town, this means you can go to Ford Field and see what a football team looks like! (just buy a couch)

So obivously the Lions were run over like a squirrel under a Mack Truck. Altanta bulldozed them, and frankly, the Falcons aren’t really that good. And Green Bay looked solid, Rogers looked good and ran a pretty sound offense against the Vikings. In theory, the Pack should destroy our Lions, but if history will prove anything, it’s that the Lions win games they aren’t supposed to win.

So what do you want to believe? Do you believe that they were exposed last week, they can’t stop the run and are contenders for 0 – 16 OR do you believe Cory Redding and Rowdy Rod and this team is good, they just had a bad day at the office.

Was this the collapse or the wake up call?

My Lions made me look like a FOOL last week, so I’m picking the Pack.

Packers over Lions, 20 – 10

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