Well, I guess There's Always The Pepsi 2 Seat Fun Pack If You Wanna See The Game...

From Detnews.com

…there’s a possibility a long string of sold-out games at Ford Field could come to an end. The Lions said Tuesday afternoon about 4,500 seats remain for the Packers game. Unless they are sold by 1 p.m. Thursday the game could be the first blacked out for local television since Ford Field opened in 2002. In the past, the NFL allowed the Lions to extend the deadline to Friday because the team was close to a sellout.

A total of 49 consecutive games have been sold out dating back to the next-to-last game of the 2001 season in Pontiac.

So… You might not even see the Green Bay game unless you actually go to Ford Field.

Usually Channel 7 or some other corporate sponsor steps in and buys up the remaining tickets, but nearly 5000 seats left is a lot of slack for anybody to pick up, and frankly after that debacle in Atlanta, what little interest there was in the Lions is waining.

On the plus side, if you go to the game you’ll see a lot of the Green Bay pods (I mean…fans) and they’ll help you catch up on what tractor supply fashion looked like in 1991.

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