Looks Like We Took The Hospital On The Road

You see, Rob Parker refers to Ford Field as ‘The NFL Hospital’ because traveling teams come in sick and always leave feeling GREAT.

I stand by my words, this game will set the tone for the season.

The tone is currently “thudPLOPsplat“.

We look TERRIBLE. And I’m not going to give that much credit to Atlanta. This is a team that is building something. A San Diego bench warmer came in and ran over you for 220 yards setting a Falcons franchise record. A rookie QB lit you up, only the 8th rookie QB to to win on opening day since the merger. Atlanta is a 4 or 5 win team, don’t get it twisted. Obiviously they are headed in the right direction, they should be playing for the NFC Championship again in a few years.

This Lions team is supposed to be a product of fruition. The head coach is in place, no longer saddled with one of the best offensive coordinators in the League or Donnie Henderson, now he’s got his guy Mr. Pound The Rock Collete. He’s got his step son and the drunk naked Wendy’s drive through guy.

How’s that going? The Lions rushed for 62 yards.

And the passing game? Who cares. You can’t set up the pass as a threat when you can’t even rush for 70 yards.

How about that upgraded defense? Gave up 318 on the ground. What the hell are the colts going to do to us? Vikings? Packers? Kevin Jones has a career high single game rushing record to look forward to this season, make sure you put him on your fantasy team, oh, say October 5th and November 2nd?

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Damn It

    Did anyone else see the pathetic exhibition that was George Foster?  He was absolutely TERRIBLE.  Foster either stood there while someone ran by him, or he got pushed back five yards into Kitna by someone half his size.  I can’t imagine how bad Cherilus must be if George Foster actually beat him out for a job.

    Also, did we magically pick up Chad Pennington’s noodle arm in the off-season.  Kitna visibly underthrew Roy Williams, one time on a possible TD throw.

    I think Michael Turner said all that needs to be said about the defense with his performance.  I haven’t seen so many missed tackles since the last mighty mites game I saw.

    Damn it, damn it, damn it.

  • KevinF

    OH I don’t know about that. just ask corey redding. He says that ‘they just had a bad day at the office. its not the same lions. its a better team’.