NFL Fans Have Been Rated Detroit! Guess What?

Next to last.

I wanted to post this a few days ago, then we signed Rudi Johnson and then his bags were stolen and we all LOL’d. writer Matt Mosley did an article on the best fans in the NFL.

FYI, Steelers finished first edging out the Green Bay Packers. I personally don’t feel that Packer fans should be eligible, only human fans should count and those hardcore Packer people are aliens. Or time travelers, sent from the past to show us what clothes bought from a feed store looked like in 1983. One of the two.

Rounding out the bottom are the dredges of the NFL are the crappy Cardinals, the laughable Lions, the faltering Falcons, the wretched Rams (close enough) and the Dumpy Dolphins. The 27th worst surprised me a little, the Jaguars, which I would consider a pretty solid franchise. I guess college ball dominates the region and nobody cares about Pro Ball there. They had 3 blacked out games last year! That’s insane. In the defense of Lions fans, we’ve had enough. There was a 2 year waiting list about 3 years ago, but as of right now you can just buy them online and for the first time ever, the Lions are offering half season packages. Having dealt with the Lions ticket office a few years ago as a season ticket holder, they are aloof and apathetic. I had club seats, they were just too much money for a terrible football product, Mooch, the guy that had me “in” and drinking the kool-aid had just been fired, so I simply asked if I could be switched to a regular section. Their reply was “Pay for your club seats first and then we’ll see what we can do, but we can’t promise anything”. That is essentially telling me to ‘shut up and pay so we can do nothing, get bent’. This is actually documented though, remember last year that fan and season ticket holder was having some issues and the Lions accidentally sent an internal email to the guy, the contents of which were the supervisor saying “tell this guy to go F himself”.
I’ll just close with that Lions post game interview phrase, “Well, it is what it is”.

Put something on the field and these Detroit fans will rabidly gobble up tickets up like insatiable animals.

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