It’s “You Think It’s So Pretty, Why Don’t You Marry it” Saturday!

(That name may change, it kind of sucks.)

This is where we call the score and/or outcome in the comments section!
All you need to know is that the Falcons are not only a terrible team, but also our own beloved and esteemed Joey Harrington is injured and can’t start for Atlanta, so they are running with a rookie. Not to mention the Vick situation combined with the Coaching situation pretty much burned the whole thing down to “beyond recognition” status.

And the Lions are favored. Now pause for a second, and take a deep breath… The Lions are favored on the road for the 3rd time in 8 years. Take another deep breath; really soak that in for a second. One more thing, they are only favored 3 ½.

This is the lock of the week really; the Lions should kill these guys. THIS IS WHERE YOU SET THE TONE FOR THE SEASON. One of the things that the Lions did do right last year was beat teams that they were supposed to beat. Hate them or love them, when a faltering Denver Team came into town, Detroit WASTED them. Now when they played better teams, whoa, it got ugly, and in a few contests with better teams they were simply edged out and granted they held their own, but let’s face the facts in today’s NFL. Winners win and losers lose. Its contrived and hackneyed, but it’s also true. This is a league that is designed for you to come to the middle. There is a cap on salary and there is a draft that rewards losing teams and punishes winning teams. There is no excuse for not making the playoffs at least every 3 or 4 years.

These next 4 weeks are teams that the Lions can beat. So, just win. Do your job and win!
I’m marrying myself to Lions over falcons 24 – 10

I’ll catch up with ya’ll Sunday night or Monday and we’ll cheer or jeer.

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