Well... I said it was a Circus, didn't I?

Reports are that as Rudi Johnson was in Millen’s office signing his contract, his bags that were sitting outside were stolen. A visit to the security room and a look at the camera footage allegedly reveals Tatum Bell stealing the bags. Out of spite? Did he not know he was cut, perhaps hazing the new guy? Does he just like to steal?

From the Detroit Free Press:

Johnson left his bags in the locker room Monday while he visited president Matt Millen’s office. They were Gucci bags he had gotten at the Pro Bowl.

“It was top of the top,” Johnson said.

When he came back in the evening, they were gone. The first thought was that the cleaning staff had tput them away. He still didn’t know where they were when he spoke to the media Tuesday afternoon.

But later Tuesday afternoon, Lions director of security Ricky Sandoval showed Johnson a surveillance video of Bell taking the bags. How did Bell look?

“Suspect,” Johnson said.

Was he wearing a ski mask?

“He might as well,” Johnson said.

The bags were at a woman’s house, and the woman brought them to Lions headquarters – empty. Johnson said he canceled his credit cards.

Johnson joked about it:

“I got the bags back empty,” he said. “So he got a bunch of my underclothes. What he’s going to do with that, I don’t know. …

Could this happen anywhere else?  I mean… REALLY?!? REALLY?!? He stole his ****ing bags?

Good lord, it just doesn’t get any stranger.

This situation speaks for itself. Maybe Tatum Bell wants to get a job with the Bengals, so he wants to have a fresh Misdemeanor on his record before he tries out for the team.

Welcome to Detroit Mr. Johnson.

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