Welcome to the Circus!

Everybody say hi to the new running back, Rudi Johnson!

Welcome to the Matt Millen/ Rod Marinelli show, you’ll be starring in ring 3, just put your stuff in that locker that has BELL on it. Have a seat, it should still be warm!

Because when you sign a guy like Tatum Bell that was a healthy scratch last year, odds are you’re going to need a legitimate running back at some point. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is a very good move. At the very least, it’s the best possible move we could do at this moment right now. And we didn’t give anything up.

I personally felt that everyone was absolutely insane when they were throwing out these wild 8-8 or 9-7 records… Our division is bad, no doubt about that but I was feeling that the Lions were a 5 win team. I didn’t feel good about the organization banking its hopes, dreams and rainbow colored wishes on a 2nd day draft pick; a kid from Central Florida, not exactly an elite football university in a power conference. This was a natural fit for the organization, a guy that needs a job for a team that needs someone to run the ball. This may give the Lions some of those games that could go either way and you just need to edge the other guy out to win. If Johnson pans out, of course.

Will this pan out? Dunno.

Hope so/maybe/probly not; The million dollar question is ‘Why wasn’t this guy good enough for the Bengals”? What is wrong with him? Can we fix it so he flourishes here?

Deals in the NFL like this rarely pan out because you don’t butter your bread on freee agents, trades and the like. Successful teams draft, well… Successfully! The Colts don’t sweat the free agent wire and the Pats have a phone ringing off the hook because free agents are dying to play for them at whatever price.

The beauty of the Half Back position is that you really can plug this guy in. It’s not like a Quarter Back where he needs to learn a complicated offensive system, it’s heres the ball, find the hole and don’t get tackled. The nuanses should be hammered out by week 5. He’ll probly split snaps with Smith and we’ll see how this goes. Anyway, good move Lions, you won the poker match. The Bengals tipped their hand a few weeks ago, they wanted a Wide Receiver and you played your hand close to your chest. You got him for nothing, so it’s full of win!

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