While you were watching Bela Karolyi lose his mind...

The Lions made a couple of personnel moves.

Another Lion has been declared out for the season. The world’s biggest fullback, the 310 lb Jon Bradley, was placed on the injured reserve list with a shoulder injury. The former defensive tackle turned blocking back was in a tight competition for the fullback job with 5th round draft pick Jerome Felton. This all but assures the Furman’s finest will make the team as the Lions’ only true fullback.

According to the Killer, Bradley’s injury also means the Lions will likely carry 4 tight ends, Dan Campbell, Michael Gaines, Sean McHugh and John Owens, all of whom can play an H-back position.

Waived today was WR Taye Biddle, who had been struggling with a groin injury and wasn’t going to make the team.

Replacing Bradley and Biddle on the roster were TE Clark Harris and WR Eric Fowler. Harris spent some time on the Lions’ practice squad in 2007. Fowler, one of GVSU’s finest, was a Lion for all of 3 days before being released by the team 3 weeks ago.

Too bad Fowler will go through the ignominy of being released again in a week or two. Such is the life of a pro football player.

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