Lions tales: Bentley here, then gone and Roy notes the obvious

Lecharles Bentley, a former Pro Bowler at guard and center with the Saints, visited the Lions, but left without signing a contract:

Bentley, who has been out of football for the past 2 seasons, thanks to destroying his knee not long after signing a free agent deal with the Browns, was in town earlier this week. He was gone with the wind soon after. We got 2 different stories as to why Bentley left. One from the local beat writers…

A source close to the situation said the Lions had a good visit with Bentley, but the team is not interested in signing him.

And something totally contradictory from the National Midnight Star of NFL sites, PFT…

A league source tells us that the Lions actually offered Bentley a one-year deal worth in excess of $1 million, and that Bentley passed.

As we understand it, several teams are interested in Bentley, but the prevailing attitude is that he should sign a one-year deal for relatively low money in order to prove that he’s healthy.  Bentley is looking for more.

Who to believe? The Kool-Aid drinking and cornbread eating Detroit beat writers, or the muck raking rumor mongers of PFT?

It’s probably a little of both. The Lions were interested, but not enough to break the bank (considering they are in cap Hell, there is no bank to break). Bentley was probably interested, but looking for more coin, which he’ll be very unlikely to get When you’ve missed 2 full seasons of ball because of a nasty knee injury, no matter how good you may be, no one is going to give much more than bare minimum.

To be honest, if the Lions are set on finding another lineman, they would be better off finding one with 2 good knees.

Roy Williams speaks, says the running game needs to improve over last season:

I have a two word response. No shit.

Pooch kicks:

Kevin Seifert, the 4 Letter’s NFC North blogger, has posted a Detroit Lions mailbag. If you follow the team at all, he’s tells us nothing revelatory. Kevin Smith is the likely starter at RB, LB Jordon Dizon is short, S Greg Blue is on the bubble, Marinelli’s making progress. As I said, nothing new.

In what’s become an annual article, in a piece fresh off the wire, the Freep checks in on Joey Blue Skies. As expected, it’s not going well at all in Atlanta. Can’t we just move on? Who really cares about Harrington in Detroit at this point? No one I know.

A Fox Sports blogger, Mike Greenspire, picked the Lions to finish tied for 1st in the NFC North, and take the final wild card slot with a 10-6 record. OOOOOOK, if you say so. Possible? Deep down inside, maybe. But is it likely? My brain just yelled, “NO!”

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