Lions tales: Bentley here, then gone and Roy notes the obvious

Lecharles Bentley, a former Pro Bowler at guard and center with the Saints, visited the Lions, but left without signing a contract:

Bentley, who has been out of football for the past 2 seasons, thanks to destroying his knee not long after signing a free agent deal with the Browns, was in town earlier this week. He was gone with the wind soon after. We got 2 different stories as to why Bentley left. One from the local beat writers…

A source close to the situation said the Lions had a good visit with Bentley, but the team is not interested in signing him.

And something totally contradictory from the National Midnight Star of NFL sites, PFT…

A league source tells us that the Lions actually offered Bentley a one-year deal worth in excess of $1 million, and that Bentley passed.

As we understand it, several teams are interested in Bentley, but the prevailing attitude is that he should sign a one-year deal for relatively low money in order to prove that he’s healthy.  Bentley is looking for more.

Who to believe? The Kool-Aid drinking and cornbread eating Detroit beat writers, or the muck raking rumor mongers of PFT?

It’s probably a little of both. The Lions were interested, but not enough to break the bank (considering they are in cap Hell, there is no bank to break). Bentley was probably interested, but looking for more coin, which he’ll be very unlikely to get When you’ve missed 2 full seasons of ball because of a nasty knee injury, no matter how good you may be, no one is going to give much more than bare minimum.

To be honest, if the Lions are set on finding another lineman, they would be better off finding one with 2 good knees.

Roy Williams speaks, says the running game needs to improve over last season:

I have a two word response. No shit.

Pooch kicks:

Kevin Seifert, the 4 Letter’s NFC North blogger, has posted a Detroit Lions mailbag. If you follow the team at all, he’s tells us nothing revelatory. Kevin Smith is the likely starter at RB, LB Jordon Dizon is short, S Greg Blue is on the bubble, Marinelli’s making progress. As I said, nothing new.

In what’s become an annual article, in a piece fresh off the wire, the Freep checks in on Joey Blue Skies. As expected, it’s not going well at all in Atlanta. Can’t we just move on? Who really cares about Harrington in Detroit at this point? No one I know.

A Fox Sports blogger, Mike Greenspire, picked the Lions to finish tied for 1st in the NFC North, and take the final wild card slot with a 10-6 record. OOOOOOK, if you say so. Possible? Deep down inside, maybe. But is it likely? My brain just yelled, “NO!”

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  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    hows kevin smith doing? is he the real deal for the lions? i got a fantasy draft this weekend and i’m putting him as a #2 starting rb. i draft 10 in 14 team league i’m hopin he’s there early 4th rnd. sounds ike he’ll get the bulk. so, i like young fresh legs for a back. rookie backs can do well. just wondering about his workload????

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    funny stuff, big al, love it. you got a good sence of humor about the trials and tribulations of your team. you gotta have that perspective as a fan of this shit will kill ya. there’s enough shit that’ll kill ya out there in the “real” world, and sports are supposed to be the place working guys like us can go find a place to release the frustrations of everyday life. nice to see a good fan with the right attitude about the game. as youy guessed i’m a cowboy fan. but before you say “that son of a bitch”, i’m not a bandwagon fan like so many of these guys did in the early ninetys did. i started following this team back in 70 when they came off the bowl loss to the colts. first football game i really sat and watched. my uncles hate each other because they’re packer and viking fans. i live in n.iowa and the nfc norris division is my stomping ground. my uncles drove me to choose the cowboys, because you can understand what would have happen if i’d favored the pack or vikes????? and i hate chicago with a passion. always kinda followed the lions. i remember in the early 70′s. i thought they had a chance in that division when gb was down, chicago was shit, and minn. domminated. i liked steve owens, altie taylor, greg landry, lem barney, and did’nt they get fair hooker as a wr??? i thought they could have been better. and my opinion is that no matter how many yards emmitt smith got, barry is probabally still the greatest back in nfl history. nice chattin with ya.

  • Big Al

    2DF, Smith is now taking reps with the number 1 offense. The Lions haven’t admitted it as of yet, but Smith will be the starter when the season starts. He may split some time with Tatum Bell at first, as Marinelli is funny that way when it comes to rookies, but Smith will carry most of the workload.

    I think he’s going to have a pretty darn good season, as the Lions have vowed to run the ball more in 08. Considering PASSPASSPASS offense of the last 2 seasons, it would be impossible not to.

    I think Smith is going to have a pretty darn good season. He’s definitely worth taking as a middle round sleeper.

  • Big Al

    That funny, 2DF. 1970 was when I really started to get into football and the Lions. I actually cried (Cut me some slack, I was 9 years old!) in front of the TV when the Lions lost to Dallas 5-0 (I STILL can’t believe that score) in the ’70 wild card game.

    I learned a long time ago being a Lions fan required having a sense of humor about the team. Otherwise I’d be pulling my hair out in clumps.

    You’re right about the Lions of the early-mid 70′s. They were usually pretty good, but there were 2 issues. They could never beat the Vikings, and they never had that big time QB. I swear the Lions lost to the Vikings EVERY time they played throughout the 70′s. 

    The QB thing still stands to this day, they’ve NEVER had a franchise QB in my lifetime. The Lions haven’t had a Pro Bowl QB since Greg Landry back in the early 70′s. For the last franchise QB, you have to go back to Bobby Layne in the 50′s. I don’t think it’s a coincidence the Lions haven’t won a title since Layne left.

    Fair Hooker? I haven’t heard that name in decades!  lol I don’t believe he was ever a Lion, though.

    By the way, I knew we were kindred spirits when you brought up North Dallas 40 in that best fictional QB‘s post! The kids around these parts need to see that film, I think it’s the most true to life football film ever made…

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    a’men to the 40. i think BA got a bad rapp in the movie though? the tom landry charactor. landry was a good player coach, and i think the stab was at tex schram, the little GM character that was with the team owner as his side kick. as history shows, landry was schrams personell puppet. schram would go find these guys and tell landry to make a football player out of him. landry always felt that he was pulled in a 100 different directions. (i read his auto-biography) guys like gent, and duane thomas, got shit from schram, and they felt as if tom did’nt take the stand he should have for them, and thus got the rep as being a distant coach. landry was worried about his job and failures just like anyone else back in their early years. the pressure on him in dallas was emmence. but landry was a stone, and came thru. he won some and oh well, lost a few too. but gent was a bitter son of a bitch, and as history shows, was’nt as good as his charactor protrays in the movie. when gent got cut he could’nt catch on with another squad, and faded. merideth left shortly thereafter too. i guess scrhamm was a tough bitch as a GM, but he helped make the cowboys a champion. love the history. interesting about the lions too. you are right. that franchise qb is the guy you build it around, no doubt.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    your right about hooker, he was drafted, i think, by the browns. i always thought that the lions had traded for him, but i guess i was wrong. who were the lion wrs back in those days? those are the days when i came into my own in the football world too. and being from the midwest, the lions of that era hold a special place in my memory banks. i just hate the vikes and da pack though. and piss on chicago. i do repect payton, ditka, sayers, butkus, and hell i even laugh at mcman’s shit once in awhile. but otherwise, hateem. but detroit’s always had to live in the shadow of the big M, and there always a hell of a fight when you play em.( like last year when we pulled that bitch out of our ass.) sorry. we should have lost it.  but hey nice remminising with ya