While you were busy being pwned playing Madden 09...

…The Detroit Lions continued on with their workout drudgery, exacerbated by an extra long week of practice. 9 days between games in the exhibition season seems a bit much, don’t you think? What in the Hell is the NFL thinking?

How could I forget, they’re thinking about all the money they can extort from their fans for needless exhibition games. DUH!

With the team having so much practice time between games (too much, actually), it turns out the Lions are getting more than a little tired of going against each other in drills. Even the Holly Roller, Mr. Miracle, Jon Kitna, is threatening to take on linebackers in a fight, if the Freep is to believed.

Then, in a 10-yard, goal line passing drill, (Buster) Davis slammed tight end John Owens, sending Kitna over the top.

The usually restrained Kitna ran across the line and started yelling: “Keep hitting him Buster. What’s wrong with you?”

As Kitna continued to move forward, defensive coordinator Joe Barry helped keep him back.

SLR has an exclusive picture of Kitna squaring up against the much larger Davis.

Sir, I challenge you to fisticuffs, you ruffian!

Marquis of Queensbury rules, of course!

Roy Williams thought the Kitna’s tough guy shtick was a little over the top…

“He probably would have got knocked out so I would have rather he just stayed back and be the quarterback.”

Detroit’s only experienced QB being laid out by a lousy 3rd string linebacker? That’s all this team would have needed.

As always, Rod Marinelli was a wet blanket on the whole situation, or the voice of reason, depending on your point of view.

“It does (bother me,)” Marinelli said. “I don’t want penalties. Self-control… That’s what you like (protection.) But the extra-curricular, I don’t want that. But I understand guys standing up for each other. We’ll be a good team when we don’t have penalties. We’re smart, tough, physical and don’t make mistakes. That’s what I want.”

Self-control? From the Lions? Good luck!

The team-wide tension is just another example of the exhibition season being much too long. There’s no good God damn reason for 6+ weeks of camp, and 4 (or 5, in some cases) exhibition games. None whatsoever!

The regular season cannot start soon enough…

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