Want to read a Detroit Lions season preview?

Then today’s your lucky day!

My Detroit Lions season preview is up at Yardbarker.

Feel free to give it a thumbs up bark!

As it’s a Yardbarker exclusive, I can’t reprint it at SLR, so you’ll just have to head over there to read my semi-lucid thoughts on the franchise Matt Millen has done his best to ruin.  But I can give you a taste. Here’s my pick for Detroit’s “Red letter” game in ’08.

In Detroit, Thanksgiving Day is our Super Bowl, our only day to shine. It’s been the only game nationally televised in recent years, a game the entire city and state points towards. With a relatively soft early schedule, with a win on Turkey Day, the Lions could be midst of a playoff run. The more likely scenario will be similar to ’07, when a Thanksgiving Day loss accelerated what was becoming a massive late season collapse. But hey, it’s our Super Bowl!

For those of you who have better taste in teams, the rest of the NFL previews from the Fan Sided bloggers are one click away.

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