Takeo Spikes says "NO!" Marinelli gets pissy

Did anyone really think Spikes was coming to the D? Seriously? Apparently, Rod Marinelli did…

According to the Killer:

Detroit Lions coach Rod Marinelli has been in a foul mood for the last two days because the Lions failed to land free agent linebacker Takeo Spikes, who signed with the San Francisco 49ers.

I think Marinelli has more to be in a foul mood about than losing a player who wasn’t likely to come to Detroit anyway. Maybe it’s the thought that Detroit isn’t exactly a primo free agent destination thanks to the mismanagement of his boss, the porn ‘stached goon, Matt Millen.

Play for Millen? I don’t think so!

The Lions had targeted 2 MLB types before camp, and came up snake eyes.

The Jets were looking for a trade partner to take Johnathan Vilma off their hands. He didn’t even sniff at the Lions, and ended up in New Orleans.

Takeo Spikes was wined and dined, and would have been immediately inserted into the starting lineup. He obviously wasn’t impressed in the least.

The only name free agents, if you can even call them that, came to the D this past off season because of their Tampa connection to Marinelli. Dwight Smith, Chuck Darby, Brian Kelly and Kalvin Pearson. None are what was most desperately needed, a quality linebacker. Preferably a middle linebacker.

The depth chart in the middle now reads:

1. Paris Lenon – A player the Lions have been desperately  trying to replace for going on 2 seasons, to no success.

2. Jordon Dizon – Dizon may end up on the strong side before came is out because Marinelli doesn’t trust rookies in the middle. Then why draft him as a MLB?

3. Buster Davis – The Cardinals drafted him in the 3rd round last year, and cut him at the end of camp. How many 3rd round picks get CUT before their rookie season starts? That says it all.

I guess Marinelli does have reason to be pissed off. Takeo Spikes will be missed.

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