Lions tales: Pearson being watched, who's in/out against the Giants

With the Lions preparing for their first game and having only one afternoon practice today, news out of camp has been on the light side. But there were still a couple of news nuggets to come out of Allen Park.

NFL still watching Pearson:

With his charges reduced, Kalvin Pearson may be out of the crosshairs in Florida, but not in the eyes of the NFL. Pearson could still be in violation of the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy. The league will continue to monitor the situation, not making any decisions till Pearson’s court date in September.

Best mind your P’s and Q’s, Pearson. Roger Goodell is watching you, and he has eyes everywhere

Who’s in, who’s out:

Who won’t be playing Thursday night? Officially,  the Lions have declared defensive tackles Cory Redding (groin), and Langston Moore, guard Edwin Mulitalo (elbow) out. Obviously the players still on the PUP list, tight end Dan Campbell (elbow), wide receiver Shaun McDonald (knee) and safety Daniel Bullock (knee) are out as well.

Ernie Sims (knee) has already stated he will not be playing, while nagging injuries to Brain Kelly (knee – sense a trend?) and Buster Davis (brain cloud concussion) are also unlikely to see the field.

Personally, I’d be fine with every starter sitting out. There’s no need to play 4 exhibition games, other than to line the pockets of ownership. Over my long years of fandom, I’ve seen too many players important to the Lions’ chances (Gary Danielson, James Stewart, Jeff Garcia immediately come to mind) whose injuries helped end Detroit’s season before it even started.

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