Please, I've had enough. Just go away...


As the lead blogger here at SideLion Report, I have a short announcement to make to fans of the Detroit Lions, and those NFL fans who are UP TO HERE with news amd commentary in regard to a certain Wrangler pitchman.

Please, I\'ve had enough. Just go away...

I’m declaring SideLion Report a Brett Favre free zone, as I’m as tired of the attention whoring drama queen as you all are at this point. This annoying as Hell story is not going to affect the Lions plans one way or the other, as the Pack will be favored to beat them no matter who is under center, be it Aaron Rogers or Mr. I Can’t Make Up My God Damn Mind. The love child of Peter King and John Madden can shove his indecision for all I care.

I vow not to write anything more about ESPN’s favorite son, or mention the name of the worst actor in There’s Something About Mary till the Lions play the Packers in the 2nd week of September.

Thank you,

The Management, aka Big Al

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