Housekeeping: What's up at SideLion Report

I wanted to touch base, let everyone know what’s been going on, as I’ve been posting irregularly here at SLR. I’m sure you’re asking, “Big Al, why so quiet when it comes to the Lions?”

1. There’s very little in the way of Lions news right now. By very little, I mean absolutely none. Seriously, there’s not a thing to report, or comment upon. If there is a dead time in the 365/24/7 NFL, we’re in it.

2. Ian, a very good friend, put his trust in me to run his popular Detroit Tigers blog, Bless You Boys, while he’s out of the country.  Ian’s done a great job at building readership, and I don’t want to screw up his hard work. As you might guess, it being in the middle of baseball season, ByB takes a fair bit of my attention in writing posts, and participating in game threads. I’ll be helping out there through this weekend.

3. The Red Wings and Pistons are in the middle of epic playoff runs, and hey, I am a big fan of both teams! (As I write this, both are losing in their respective games, DAMMIT!) I’m watching both series closely, and commenting upon them often at TWFE. In other words, 3 of Detroit’s pro teams are going gangbusters news wise, while the Lions are essentially dark.

4. I’m rolling around some ideas as to how I want to write about the Lions as we get closer to camp.

So there will be activity as SLR, as the Lions warrant coverage.  Right now, they don’t warrant much, save for when they insult their fans or do something else insanely stupid. Give it time, it’s not a matter of if the Lions will do something idiotic, it’s only a matter of when

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