The Lions sign 4 players. The fans ask, "Why sign those stiffs?"

Today, the Lions signed several free agent players to contracts. (You can read my diatribe over the offer sheet to safety Kalvin Pearson below) Along with Pearson, the Lions re-signed cornerback Travis Fisher and running back Avieon Cason, while also signing free agent training camp tackling dummy offensive lineman Corey Hulsey.

I’m utterly and totally…underwhelmed.

Fisher is a career backup, strictly a depth signing. If Fisher is spending a lot of time on the field, the Lions are having an awful season. Since he knows the defense, I can understand bringing him back. As long as he remains a special teams guy/2nd string corner, he won’t do too much damage. All in all, a meaningless signing.

As for Avieon Cason? HE BLOWS GOATS. Well, blows goats figuratively. You want my true feelings on the talentless Cason? Let’s go back to one of my Lions live blogs after last season’s debacle of a loss to the Giants.

On kickoffs, Avieon Cason is lucky to make it back to the 20. There isn’t a less feared return man in football. He’s a double threat. He doesn’t make people miss, and can’t outrun anyone either.

I do not want this stiff returning kicks again in 2008. That the Lions thought he could be serviceable on returns has me questioning their brain trust. (To be honest, much of their decision making process had me questioning the Lions’ brain trust. Using Cason was just one of them) What do they see that we fans don’t? If Cason gets significant playing time in 2008, the Lions are fucked. He’s that bad. When you’re behind Brain Calhoun on the depth chart, need I say more? I didn’t think so.

Regarding Corey Hulsey, if he’s even on the team come September, I’ll be surprised. He’s a nobody.

Some teams have made a huge splash in free agency. Save for signing every God damn safety in the USA, the Lions have caused nary a ripple. I hope their caution in free agency means they have a logical, well thought out plan to use the draft to fill their roster holes.

Yeah, right! As if! Almost had you there, didn’t I? The Lions have a PLAN? Never going to happen!

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