Free agency starts, Lions sit on their hands

NFL free agency began today, and the moratorium on trades was lifted. The Lions were expected to be quite active in both the free agent and trade markets. Unfortunately, they are being noticed not for what they have done, which is nothing, but what they haven’t done, which is nothing. How much nothing? A whole lot of nothing…

Nothing number 1: Despite all the rumors regarding a trade, Shaun Rogers is still a Lion. If he’s on the Lions’ roster at midnight tonight, Big Baby earns a roster bonus, and will be a million dollars richer. Matt Millen has stated in the past Rogers will remain a Lion if he’s paid that $1 million bonus. Odds remain good Rogers will be gone by midnight, but there’s nothing in concrete yet.

Nothing number 2: Forget the rumors of a deal with the Jets. Though Jonathan Vilma visited their Allen Park HQ, he will not be joining the Lions. The Jets traded him to the Saints for a conditional 2008 4th round draft pick. The Lions best hope Vilma’s knee is worse than originally thought, as he would have filled a HUGE need at middle linebacker.

Nothing number 3: There’s a rumor the Lions are interested in he highest rated running back in free agency, LaDainian Tomlinson’s backup, Michael Turner. For a team claiming they weren’t going to make a big, expensive splash in free agency, signing Turner would be both. As good as Turner may be, signing a coveted running back is putting the cart before the horse, considering the awful state of the Lions offensive line.

Nothing number 4: Last season’s backup at QB, J.T. O’Sullivan, signed with the 49er’s. Lions fans were overcome with indifference.

That’s it when it come to the Motor City Kitties as of 3:45 PM. More to come as events warrant.

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