If you are breathing and can play cornerback, the Lions would like to speak with you

In a move that surprised no one, long derided starting cornerback Fernando Bryant was released by the Lions this afternoon. Though the Detroit front office wouldn’t say it, I suspect Bryant was cut for his own health, as he ended the season suffering from 3rd degree windburns caused by wide receivers running past him in coverage. The fact Bryant also sucked may have also had something to do with the release.

This is how most fans will remember Bryant,
being run over by opposing receivers

With Fernando Bryant no longer watching receivers run by him as a Lion, that leaves one, count ‘em, one, cornerback on the roster, the utterly below average Stanley Wilson. That Wilson is coming off of a knee injury, and will soon be a restricted free agent? Well, never you mind, as the Lions have a plan. What is their plan? Your guess is as good as mine, and for that matter, Matt Millen’s.

As for corners the Lions are looking at in free agency, none of the big names, such as the Patriots’ Asante Samuel and the Seahawks’ Marcus Trufant, appear to be on their radar. Though the Lions’ interest in former Buccaneer Brian Kelly now makes a little more sense. Two corners who played for Detroit in 2007, Travis Fisher and Keith Smith, currently unrestricted free agents, just got a little more negotiating leverage.

Not that the Lions are in trouble. Matt Millen and  Rod Marinelli have everything under control…Save for knowing who’s going to play both corner positions, start at running back, play right tackle, where depth at linebacker is going to come from, and replace the soon to be traded Shaun Rogers.

With the release of Bryant, despite the numerous roster holes, one thing is certain. Cornerback just shot up to number one on the Lions draft day and free agency position lists.

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