I think an introduction is in order

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Big Al. I run a fairly popular Detroit-centric sports blog known as The Wayne Fontes Experience. I’m a big fan of all the Detroit and University of Michigan teams, and try to cover them fairly equally. But one local team stirs the depths of my soul enough to drive me to distraction, lose all semblance of sanity and want to fucking swear like a drunken fucking sailor on a Singapore fucking binge. That being the Detroit fucking Lions.

Yes, despite my better judgment, for some reason God only knows, I’m a diehard fan of the worst run team in professional sports. It’s my cross to bear…

The attempts of Matt Millen and William Clay Ford to alienate the entire fanbase notwithstanding, I still have a passion, as do many of you, for Detroit’s NFL franchise. So when the opportunity came along to write about the Lions on a full time basis, it didn’t take much arm twisting for me to agree.

What can you expect at SideLion Report? Live blogging of all games, continually skewering the local beat writers for their tendency to devour the Lions Kool-Aid and cornbread, taking the clueless in-breded bluebloods known as the Ford family to task for their awful decision making, breaking down the latest in Lions news and personnel, and taking mean spirited and wholly justified potshots at the worst GM in the history of sport, the short bus riding moron known as Matt Millen.

In fact, I can safely say one of my goals at SideLion Report (If not my mission in life) is to bash Millen’s imbecilic ass as often and with as much hostility as possible.

To paraphrase the famous Bette Davis quote from “All About Eve,” I’m warning you now…

“Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!”

When it comes to SideLion Report, truer words have never been spoken. I sincerely hope you enjoy what’s sure to be a fun, and quite bumpy, ride…

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